Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore

I am Andrea. At an early age, I decided that I wanted to “make pretty food,” so a career in culinary arts wasn’t far behind. I attended Baltimore International College where I received an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Professional Cooking & Baking. After graduating in 2006, I worked in fine dining restaurants, a cupcakarie, gourmet bakeries and French pastry shops. My years of experience led me to the role of instructor, so when I am not creating cakes, I am teaching basic cake decorating classes.

My passion for baking, as well as my drive, hard work and ambition have taken me to the next stage in life, entrepreneurship. Opening Sweet’s Sweets allows me to share my love for baking and creating delicious sweets, as well as my enthusiasm for learning and experimenting with new techniques, with everyone.

So who is Sweets!? Well let me tell you! When my husband and I met in culinary school and began dating his family affectionately starting calling their new favorite pastry chef “Sweets.” Now, 12 years and 2 beautiful daughters later, I have found my stride and Sweets Sweet’s is thriving.

With the help of customers like you Sweet’s Sweets is developing new and exciting custom cake and cheesecake creations everyday at The Cheesecake Café!





  • Mike Newton Posted November 17, 2015 1:52 pm

    The Cheesecakecafe takes care of their customers and those Cheesecake minis are soooooo good.

    • Ann Posted November 17, 2015 1:53 pm

      We appreciate your honest feedback, Mike!

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